Skydiving & Scuba Diving in Tasmania

Below the water’s surface, George Town/York Cove host some of the best reef and scuba diving in Tasmania. Immediately off George Town divers can cruise through a giant kelp forest, check out colourful sponge gardens, and even visit a sunken tugboat wreck. Dive sites like The Avon and The Monument off the eastern shore of the Tamar River / kanamaluka, Kelso off the western shore, and the Farewell Beacon off the river mouth, offer some of the best and most accessible scuba diving in Tasmania.

Juxtapose to 3,000m above the water’s surface and find an experience like no other - sky diving! Reaching speeds of up to 200km/h, followed by a serene parachute ride of 5 - 7 minutes, enjoy a rarely seen birds’ eye of George Town, Low Head (including the historic Low Head Lighthouse), and the Tamar River / kanamaluka. The only all inclusive Tandem Skydiving in Tasmania experience.

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