Low head is already famous for its penguin colony, but no many know about the seal colony! Tenth Island is a 900-square-metre uninhabited granite islet and nature reserve, and part of the Waterhouse Island Group. The island is situated six kilometres from the Tasmania coastline, and accessible from the coastal towns of Low Head, George Town, Beechford, Lulworth and Weymouth. The island is home to a significant breeding colony of Australian fur seals with up to 400 pups born each year, as well as a breeding ground for black-faced cormorants, and a roost for little penguins. This in turn makes it a hunting ground for great white sharks. The Tenth Island Nature reserve is one of the largest (and few permanent) seal colonies in Australia.

Seeing the penguins at Low Head is simply a must do when visiting the region - there's few places where you can get up close and personal with the resident Little Blue Penguins as they return from their daily fishing ventures.

Across the on the western shore of the Tamar River / kanamaluka you’ll find Seahorse World, a working seahorse farm, and Platypus House, where you can learn about the magic of the monotremes.

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